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Welcome to FanBuilt, the Creator's Carnival; the world's first one-stop creation collaboration station, where animators, writers, musicians, artists, film makers, composers and designers can create, collaborate, coordinate, compete and complete projects and small productions to share with the world. FanBuilt is FREE to join .. for everyone!

Whether you are an artist

… or voice actor looking to showcase your reel, a creator looking to work on other people's productions, a producer looking for talented young artists to help you with your own productions or you just stopped by to watch some funny animated shorts, FanBuilt is your stage.

Over the next months

… we will be offering new add-ons and site upgrades based on what we are already developing behind the scenes and what you tell us that you would like based on suggestions in our “suggestion box”.

The FanBuilt Studio

… will launch in June 2013. You can browse around, create your avatars, upload your samples, find like-minded artists, fans of animation and teams to work with and show us your support. Thank you for clicking by and welcome to our growing Fanbuilt army.

Grow with us as artists and producers, as we grow from your suggestions. We want you to play an active role in helping to develop all aspects of this site and what it offers. Remember, we are not called 'US' built. We are…

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A big THANK YOU to all our friends and fans, soon we will provide a little extra corner for extra special people. This can be YOU! :)


Blog from the Creator


Hello and welcome to the genesis of the official FanBuilt Website 2.0.

Before we begin… First of all, I want to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to all our supporters and well-wishers, who have stood by us and kept believing in the FanBuilt dream. You are the rock upon which FanBuilt stands today.


Welcome to FanBuilt 2.0!!!

I know, I know… “Holy crap, these guys took a long friggin’ time to get their poop together. The site has been down for over a month. What the heck have they been doin’ over there?”

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Welcome to the Fanbuilt Podcast called, "The FanBuilt Project", an animation celebration podcast featuring cartoon nerd-alerts, convention reports, reviews on new and upcoming animated series and movies, results of our design and animation competitions, interviews with animation legends, and all things creation-centric.


15 Second Funny

A short bit of silly, ripped from the most ridiculous recesses of the Fanbuilt creator.

The Singing Fish
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Fanbuilt’s Animation Graduate Student Reel of the week, as voted on by YOU!

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Jon Bailey

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Amy Rainey

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Animus LLC - Resonant Chamber
by "00batera00"


Welcome to the Fanbuilt contest pages, where individuals and teams can compete against one another for cash, prizes and cartoon supremacy.

Click on the competition or competitions, which you or your team would like to participate in, for contest rules, deadlines for submissions and prizes.

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More information about our sponsors as well as upcoming events coming soon.
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Suggestion Box

Welcome to our Fanbuilt suggestion box. Please take a minute to suggest what you would like to see us create for this site and community! You can also email us at suggestion@fanbuilt.com

We know you have some great ideas and we want to hear them. We can't do all of them at once, but we will do our best to reply to all the messages for now! We won’t stop building this community and adding on to this site until it is perfect. Thanks for taking the time. We want to hear from you. Remember, we are not called US built. We are Fanbuilt.

The FanBuilt Team

Lee Tockar is a collected painter, writer, sculptor, illustrator, musician, producer, filmmaker and most recently a 2013, Emmy nominated voice actor.

Lee has lent his voice to hundreds of well-loved animated characters, spanning over six thousand episodes of animation and dozens of movies on the big and small screens.

Among the cartoons, which are stamped with his wide range of characters, Lee has also performed the lead role of "George" in "George of the Jungle" and was praised for his interpretation and performance of this landmark character by receiving the 2008 "Elan" (Electronic Animation) award for Male Voice Over Artist of the year, presented by Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy fame.

Lee went on to be nominated for the “2012 UBCP/ACTRA Award” for Voice Over Artist of the year.

This year Lee has not only been nominated for a Leo Award for Outstanding Performance in an animated series but has also been nominated for the prestigious Emmy Award for Outstanding Performance as well, for his portrayal as “Pronto the Magnificent” in the Disney / Nerd Corps co-production of “Slugterra”.

He has also performed the character of “Doktor Frogg” in “League of Super Evil”, “Yakkity Yak”, “Covert Agent Ravage” in “Beastwars”, “Bling Bling Boy” in “Johnny Test”, "Bibble" in the feature length Barbie “Fairytopia" and "Mermaidia" movies and “Steven Magnet” and “Snips” in the worldwide phenomenon, the “My Little Pony” series.

Other highlights where you will find Lee’s voice featured are: "Pucca", "Yvone of the Yukon", "Reboot ,“Todd’s World”, “Edgar and Ellen”, "Silverwing", Mucho Lucha", ”Inspector Gadget”, "Being Ian”,” X Men", "Eon Kid" and recently "Fantastic Four", "The Incredible Hulk" and. "Iron Man", (Once again) just to name a few.

Among his other accomplishments, Lee has won the BC Playwright competition, has also written and performed award-winning plays in Vancouver’s own Fringe Festivals and has recently finished writing a children’s book, “The Night Time Alphabet".

Not only did Lee write the story but he crafted all the beautiful illustrations and voiced the accompanying audio CD as well.

Lee has begun working on a screenplay for a dark, animated comedy called “The Grym Possession of Chesterfield Couch”, which he guarantees will find his way to the big screen.

Lee Tockar is also the proud Founder / CEO and Artistic Director of “Fanbuilt Productions”.

I always wanted to be a rockstar ninja" - Rees

Easily adapting to new technologies and developing needed skills, Rees enjoys creating hybrid presentations along with online and social media marketing.

Combining Rees’s skills in traditional and Internet marketing with his talent and insight into proper, low-cost “guerrilla” style marketing, makes him a profitable addition to any team.

An internet marketing specialist for over a decade, Rees’s passion for renewable energies led him to the National Photovoltaic Construction Partnership as a Marketing Manager, creating awareness campaigns for electricians and utilities, helping them to move forward into the renewable energy sector.

When, in his spare time, he is not training to maintain his Black belt in Ninpo Taijutsu (yes, he is a ninja), Rees is a professional jazz guitar player and former part-time rock star.

I always try to make the impossible possible" - Cloe

Having created art, websites and designs for a wide range of clients, from metal bands to the BC Children's Hospital, clients in Europe, the US and now Canada, Cloe's creativity and imagination seems to have no limit.

Back in college her professor gave her an A for her final bachelor exam that included branding, illustration and designing of an audio drama cd with hard rock songs. He later took her aside and said it was beautifully done, but she should probably be looking to change her style and become more corporate. Because there would be no future for hand-drawn artwork. Ever since she is trying to prove him wrong, and over the years she turned out to be quite successful with it.

To keep her brain balanced she does have this love for very clean, modern and state-of-the-art web design & development, coding websites and thinking in CSS.

When Cloe is not working (if that ever happens) she loves riding her scooter, doing road trips through California, getting tattoos and trying to make the world a better place - one smile at a time.

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